A Custom Gaming PC Case Builder

The computer case is the home for your hardware, a showcase for your style, and the foundation for your performance. Whether you opt for multi-loop liquid cooling or just want your GPU to draw air from the front, the case has to fit the components you choose. It also needs to be comfortable, and support a range of CPU and GPU heat sinks and fan configurations.

PCs are not just for gaming; they’re often used for productivity, design, and even creative applications that require high-performance graphics cards. CyberPowerPC has a wide selection of pre-configured PCs that cater to these use cases. Its NVIDIA RTX Studio Series is especially suitable for creators, with the power to handle demanding applications.

Whether you’re a beginner or an expert, Build Redux has a tool that walks you through the process of picking out the best components for your gaming PC. It starts by asking about your favorite games and your budget, then offers a curated list of the top-performing options that suit your needs. You can also make changes to the list if you like, and Build Redux’s tech experts are available to help you along the way.

This small, attractive case looks good on a desk and has room for all but the largest graphics cards. Its flip-up doors and adjustable spine are also well-suited to custom loops, and it can accommodate a 280mm radiator. The only thing missing is a front IO port for a water cooler, but the rest of the case more than makes up for it. custom gaming pc case builder

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