A One-Day Private Tour of Nusa Penida

Discover the untamed beauty of Nusa Penida on this one-day tour. From the soaring cliffs of Broken Beach to Crystal Bay, this tour is guaranteed to give you Instagram-worthy photos.

Escape the crowded islands of Bali and explore Nusa Penida’s rugged beauty on this private tour. With incredible cliff views and local culture, this island is the perfect spot to relax.

Kelingking Beach

Kelingking Beach is one of the most famous beaches in Nusa Penida. The cliff formation looks like a T-Rex dinosaur head, which has skyrocketed the popularity of this destination. The view is truly jaw-dropping.

The beach itself is a paradise for swimming and sunbathing. It has a natural pool and crystal clear water. The cliffs and rocks that surround the beach are also impressive. The best time to visit Kelingking Beach is in the morning or afternoon, when there are fewer tourists.

While it’s possible to visit the beach on your own, you might want to book a private tour with a guide. This will allow you to see all of the most iconic spots on the island and take unforgettable photos. This package includes transport to and from the ferry terminal and a driver who knows all the best places for photos.

The private tour will include a visit to all the most popular destinations in Nusa Penida, including Diamond Beach, Broken Beach, and Angel’s Billabong. It will also include a stop at the Atuh View Point for a breathtaking vista of the coastline.

Broken Beach

Broken Beach is one of the most beautiful beaches in Nusa Penida. It looks like a hole in the cliff and has become popular thanks to its Instagram pictures. It is also a great place to see Manta Rays. The best way to reach this beach is by walking through Angel’s Billabong. This will give you a nice view of the cliff and you can swim in the natural pool if it is low tide.

To avoid crowds, try visiting this beach in the morning before 9.30/10 a.m or in the late afternoon when most of the group tours leave. It is also a good idea to visit nearby attractions such as Angel’s Billabong and Pasih Uug (Smoky Beach) to make the trip more worthwhile.

To ensure a memorable visit, it is important to follow local customs and traditions. For example, you should dress modestly and respect local religious practices. Moreover, you should respect local residents and be mindful of environmental concerns. It is also advisable to carry sunscreen and a hat, and wear comfortable shoes for hiking.

Angel’s Billabong

This breathtaking rockpool on the southwestern tip of Nusa Penida is a natural infinity pool framed by towering cliffs. It’s a popular destination for tourists, but the waters aren’t always safe — rogue waves have swept swimmers onto the rocks or out to sea, tragically killing some. To stay safe, visit the pool during low tide and swim close to the rocks.

To get to Angel’s Billabong, take a speed boat from Sanur, Padang Bai, or Kusamba. Book your ticket online in advance to avoid long queues and secure a seat. If you’re prone to seasickness, choose a high-speed boat that cuts the water, rather than a catamaran.

If you’re travelling solo, book a West Nusa Penida Join-in Day Tour to see all of the best spots on the island in one day. This includes Kelingking Beach, Broken Beach, and the stunning Crystal Bay beach. The tour also includes a private driver and lunch, making it the most convenient way to explore the island.

Crystal Bay Beach

Located on the western side of Nusa Penida, Crystal Bay Beach is a stunning beach that is a perfect place to relax and soak in the water. It has one kilometer of white sand and crystal clear water that soothe the eyes and mind. The beach is also a great spot to snorkel and swim, especially when it’s high tide. You can also spend your day watching the sunset from a lounge chair or by the beach bar.

The best time to visit this beach is in the morning, although you can also come for sunset if you want to see the amazing pink and orange color of the sky. It’s a popular spot for tourists and locals alike. The beach is free to enter, but you will need to pay a small parking fee of IDR 5,000.

This is a great beach for both beginners and advanced swimmers. There is a safe coral reef that attracts tons of marine life. You’ll see everything from tiny fish to giant manta rays. The area is also famous for its stunning cliffs and beaches.

Teletubbies Hill

Bukit Teletubbies Hill is a scenic attraction on the Indonesian island of Nusa Penida, famed for its rugged limestone cliffs and secluded beaches. Its unique landscape features round hills covered in green grass that bear an uncanny resemblance to the homeland of the children’s TV show of the same name, earning it the nickname “Teletubbies Hills.”

The best time to visit the hill is in the rainy season between April and December when the hills are a lush, vibrant green color. Mornings and the moments around sunset provide beautiful soft light for photography. During the summer dry season, the hills will be parched and brown, but they still look amazing from afar.

If you’re looking for an unforgettable experience, consider booking a tour to visit this Instagram-famous landmark. Roundtrip fast boat tickets, a thrilling ride on the jungle swing, and refreshing drinks are included. And with the bumpy roads of Nusa Penida, having a professional driver and guide is highly recommended. This will ensure you have a safe and enjoyable journey. private tour nusa penida

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