Advantages of Pre Insulated Ductwork

pre insulated ductwork is an energy efficient air ducting solution which reduces heat loss, enhances indoor comfort and efficiency in heating, ventilation and air conditioning systems, minimises noise and vibration, provides fire resistance and thermal stability, and helps meet environmental and health standards. Pre insulated ductwork also simplifies installation and reduces weight and space requirements, making it an ideal solution for building applications with limited floor area.

Pre-insulated ducting is available in various sizes and shapes. It can be designed to fit into any size opening or to run along a ceiling. This means that it is possible to save on both installation and fabrication time, as the ductwork can be cut to the required lengths. In addition, there is no need to seal the ductwork on site.

The key advantage of pre insulated ducts is that they are manufactured to be airtight and have excellent insulation properties. This allows for lower rates of air leakage, which in turn leads to significant energy savings. This is particularly important in commercial and residential buildings, where the occupants need to be comfortable at all times.

Unlike traditional ducts, which require an additional layer of insulation wrapping, pre-insulated ducts such as Inspiral R and Floval Duct System do not need any additional insulation as the high quality closed cell phenolic insulation has been integrated into the duct. This makes them lightweight and allows for the use of standard connection drawbands which can help to free up space in tight spaces where weight is a concern. The exterior of these ducts can also be painted to achieve a specific aesthetic look.

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