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WeTransfer has built a name for itself as the place to go when you have a file that is too large to attach to an email or drop into an instant message. However, it’s no longer the only choice out there. Consumers and professionals are looking for alternatives that offer better speeds, more control over sharing options, or are simply less likely to blast advertising at them every time they open a transfer link.

Luckily, there are quite a few solid WeTransfer alternatives that have built up a strong reputation for themselves as powerful solutions to this very problem. Let’s take a look at some of the best ones out there.


For those who are looking for more of a full-fledged cloud storage and file-sharing platform, pCloud is definitely worth checking out as a potential alternative to WeTransfer. This platform allows you to upload files and share them via a link that can be sent in an email, instant message, or web browser. Files are also available to be downloaded in bulk on pCloud, and the platform can even be used to create and send encrypted file links. This way, only you can see what’s inside a file, even when it is shared with others.

One of the big draws of pCloud is that it offers password protection for all of its users, including those who are only using the free tier. This is an excellent feature that many other competitors lack, and it goes a long way in giving this service an edge over WeTransfer. There are also some other useful features that come with pCloud, such as the ability to customize transfer links and set their availability period.


One of WeTransfer’s biggest rivals, Smash, has a very similar approach to large file transfer. Its website lets you upload and share files without registering for an account, and it can be used from any web browser. This makes it an ideal solution for those who don’t want to install any software on their computers or mobile devices. The site itself is very fast, and it’s also simple to use.

Another benefit of Smash is that it doesn’t have the same 2GB file size limit as WeTransfer does. This can be an advantage for those who need to transfer files that are too large to fit into a typical email or instant messaging app. It is also ISO 27001 certified, which gives it a very high level of security.

Send Anywhere

This WeTransfer alternative is a great option for people who need to transfer a lot of files quickly and efficiently. Its simple web interface allows you to upload and share files without a registration or limit, and it can be used from any browser or mobile device. However, it does have some limitations, such as a limited number of downloads per file and an expiration date of 48 hours for links that aren’t re-uploaded.

Send Anywhere is also an ideal option for individuals who want to send files that are too large to be sent as an attachment on their email accounts. It also offers a variety of other helpful features, such as the ability to pause or resume transfers and to encrypt files.

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