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Whether you’re celebrating a new baby or a Christmas miracle, angel figurines add a touch of serenity and joy to your holiday home décor. Artist Susan Lordi uses simple forms and expressive gestures to create figural sculptures that encourage hope, healing and love.

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Willow Tree Figurines

Willow Tree is a line of figurative sculpture that communicates through gesture what’s often difficult to put into words. These meaningful gifts convey sentiments of hope, comfort and remembrance. Artist Susan Lordi pays special attention to the feelings a statue evokes as she designs each piece. The iconic Angel of Healing, which depicts an angel protecting a baby bird, was the first piece that launched her brand. It’s still a best seller and continues to resonate with the public as an expression of hope, love, healing and support.

For a friend facing a difficult time, a figure of angels holding a bouquet of flowers or one of the calming Garden Angels might be just the right gift. These figures capture life’s most significant moments and freeze them in time as reminders that help us through challenging times. A dog or cat is often an important member of a family, and a figurine titled Always Honors the Bond might be just the right way to express a special relationship with a beloved pet.

For a romantic couple, the seated Sculpture titled Around You captures their unique connection with each other. Carved in the round, each angle shows something new to viewers and inspires a different interpretation of their shared experience. Whether the figure is displayed in the living room or on a cake top, it’s a symbol of deep affection that will last a lifetime.

Ennas Gifts

This lovely resin figurine is made of a nice material and looks good in any environment. It is the perfect gift for a loved one or friend. It will bring a smile to their face every time they see it. It is a great reminder of your love for them.

Ennas Gifts offers a wide variety of high-quality inspirational gifts and angel statues. Their emphasis on quality begins with a modern production environment and continues throughout the process. Their skilled team takes care of all the details, from design to final product. This is why their customers trust them with their products and services.

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Gift Baskets

Willow Tree angels resonate with people across cultures and ages. To some, they offer protection, while to others, they represent a way to remember those who have died. They communicate a message that goes beyond words and can be a wonderful gift for friends. This angel figurine is a beautiful site to behold, featuring detailed wings and flowing gowns. It also includes folk art motifs, which are a Jim Shore signature. In addition, it displays one of four baskets corresponding to the seasons. The spring basket features brightly colored flowers, the summer basket is shaped like a beach scene, complete with palm trees, the fall basket shows a horn of plenty filled with fresh produce, and the winter basket has a snow-covered woodland theme.

This angel is a lovely reminder of the importance of care and compassion. It depicts a delicate angel holding a bird to her chest, which is a symbol of hope and healing. This figurine makes a thoughtful gift for a friend who is dealing with loss or illness.

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