Athletic Grip Socks

The right equipment can make all the difference on a sports field, especially when it comes to your feet. This is why athletic grip socks are a must-have for any athlete who wants to be at their best, and perform with confidence. Grip socks are designed with non-slip pads that help prevent your feet from sliding up & down in your shoes, as well as reducing friction which can lead to blistering.

These socks are a perfect fit for a variety of different sporting activities, but they are particularly useful for sports such as gymnastics, dance and pilates which typically take place indoors on mats. The added grip on the bottom of these socks helps to minimise the amount of contact your feet have with the floor, which means there is less chance of bacteria or dirt being transferred from your feet to the mat – making them ideal for sport such as football, basketball or rugby, where hygiene is important.

In addition to gripping the inside of your shoe, these socks are also worn over bare feet and are often used by elderly people who are at risk of falling. This increased grip helps to reduce the likelihood of injury and allows you to be more mindful in your practice, focusing on your body and mind as opposed to worrying about slipping or falling.

To get the most out of your grip socks they are recommended to be worn under a pair of normal, matching colour sock, with both being taped together using cohesive sock wrap or sock tape. This is to ensure that your team colours match and keep referees happy (as well as avoiding ripped, unmatched socks). athletic grip socks

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