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Whether you want to grow your patient base or learn more about dental marketing, blogging is an essential tool. According to Hubspot, businesses that prioritize blogging generate 13x more leads than those who don’t.

Keeping up with the best dental blog will help you stay informed on dentistry trends and topics that matter most to your patients. Here are a few great resources to check out:

Ask Dr. Spindel

This blog is the work of Lawrence Spindel, a dentist who has a private practice in NYC. He covers a broad range of dental topics and answers the most common questions from patients. His posts are engaging and can help dentists stay current with industry news.

Another great dental blog is Dentistry IQ, which provides tips and advice for all dental team members. Its articles include information on clinical practices, practice management, and product reviews. The site also includes a helpful glossary and links to resources for new dentists.

The Daily Grind is a unique blog that features the experiences of general dentists. Its content is a mix of personal and professional, which makes it more relatable to readers. The blog also covers important topics like how to grow your patient base and how to manage a busy practice. The blog is regularly updated, making it a great resource for dental professionals.

Off the Cusp

If you’re a pre-dentist or a dental student, this blog has a suite of content that will help you get started in the profession. It offers tips on completing your dental school application, preparing for interviews, and more. It also has articles on what to expect once you’re a dental student, as well as advice on how to find a job and how to succeed in the industry.

This dental blog from Patterson Dental focuses on dentistry and oral health trends. It provides dentists with information they need to enhance patient experience and improve their overall business operation. The blog has a wide range of categories, including dental technology, products, and services.

The Open Dental Blog is a comprehensive resource for dental professionals. From marketing strategies that use SEO to implementing new technology into your practice, this blog has it all. It also includes a podcast, videos, and webinars on a variety of topics related to dentistry. If you’re looking for inspiration, this blog features interviews with dental leaders who’ve carved out successful careers in the industry.

Delta Dental

Delta Dental offers a wide range of plans for individuals and families. They offer Preferred Provider Organization (PPO) and dental HMO options, with a variety of coverage levels including two individual visits to the dentist per year for cleanings and x-rays. The company also has six payment plan options ranging from about $17 up to $170 a month.

The company has a decent consumer rating of three out of five, with positive reviews of service and pricing. However, some negatives have been posted on ConsumerAffairs and the Better Business Bureau regarding complaints about customer service, fees being raised every two years and the difficulty of switching between plans.

Delta Dental’s blog is a fun mix of information, actionable tips and tooth-related humor. The blog is a useful resource for patients and professionals alike. It includes tips on how to save money at the dentist, what to do with a bad toothache and why fluoride in drinking water is important. The blog also has a handy tool to help patients find a new dentist based on their needs and preferences.

Dr. Larry Stone

This blog, from husband and wife Will and Susan Revak, is a great resource for anyone interested in natural dental care. They post informative articles on topics like whether it’s safe to brush with baking soda, and they also offer advice for oral health in general. For example, they recommend that people consume antioxidant-rich foods to reduce oxidative stress and improve overall oral health.

This dental blog from the Eco Dentistry Association is a great place to find information on eco-conscious oral health. It features a variety of posts, including one on a dentist who has taken steps to make his office green, and another article that offers tips for making your workouts more eco-conscious.

The author of this blog, which is hosted by Dear Doctor magazine, writes about all things related to dental health. He covers topics from bad breath to dental implants, and he’s not afraid to tackle controversial issues like the safety of fluoride in water. He also focuses on dental technology and celebrity smiles. In his spare time, he enjoys reading novels and listening to indie music.

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