Budapest’s Best Shooting Range Experience

If you want to turn your Budapest stag do into an action movie-style experience, then this is the activity for you. Shooting ranges offer the opportunity to fire real weapons, such as AK47s and sniper rifles. The prices vary depending on what package you go for, with the cheaper options allowing you to fire more pistols and rifles.

Most shooting ranges provide safety equipment, including eye protection and earplugs. They also have qualified instructors who can teach you how to handle the guns properly. Some even have simulators to help you practice. If you are unsure of how to use a particular gun, the instructor will explain how to do it before letting you loose on the targets. They will also explain the rules and etiquette of the venue. This is especially important as most of the time, you will be working in a group.

Some shooting ranges will have you pay for the ammunition separately, while others will include it in the price of the package. Most of the packages are for two hours and include a briefing, target practice and free-style practice. It’s a great way to get your blood pumping while having fun with friends.

One of the most popular places to visit is Celeritas Shooting School, a well-established establishment that offers a wide range of weapons. The site claims to have the largest selection in all of Budapest, with over 300 different weapons on offer, ranging from pistols to machine guns and an RPG. Prices are based on which package you choose, with the top option costing EUR180 for three hours of shooting.

Located on the Buda side of the city, this is a little bit of a trip out of town, but it makes for an exciting afternoon. The facility is hidden away in a spot that looks like it could be some house’s garage. The staff here are very friendly, and the experience will definitely leave you with some lasting memories.

This venue is not open to people under the age of 14, but it is a great place for couples, friends or groups who are looking for something unique to do on their stag or hen party. You can try out weapons that you have only seen in movies, and it’s a fantastic way to create an unforgettable memory with your friends.

There are several packages to choose from, ranging in length and price, and you can add extras such as sniper rifles to make the experience that much more manic. The stag or hen party will be transported in style, and there will be plenty of space for everyone to have some fun and test their skills. This is a great way to separate the men from the boys, and a perfect activity for an unforgettable stag or hen weekend in Budapest. shooting range Budapest

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