Choosing a Virtual Receptionist

The person who answers your phone sets the tone for every customer experience. With a virtual receptionist, you can give customers the professional experience that they expect without the cost of hiring an in-house team.

Virtual receptionist services are a great option for businesses that have varying call volumes or require round-the-clock support. They are also useful if you want to expand your business’s customer service hours without the hassle of adding staff.

When selecting a virtual receptionist service provider, consider your specific needs and budget. Look for a provider that offers flexible options, including a free trial and pricing plans based on the number of calls you receive. Additionally, look for a provider with high-quality virtual receptionists that undergo rigorous training and are familiar with the best practices of customer communication.

In addition to answering customer calls, some virtual receptionist services can provide more complex support. For example, they can handle appointment scheduling and dispatch technicians in the event of a repair or installation request (e.g., appliance repair or property management). They can even direct medical and psychology clinic patients to after-hours resources.

A virtual receptionist service can also help you manage your team’s schedules and improve productivity. This is especially important during the coronavirus pandemic, when you may need to schedule meetings and send notifications to employees who are working from home or remote offices. Finally, when choosing a virtual receptionist, make sure you understand how your selected provider handles calls after hours and on weekends. Some providers only handle calls during regular business hours while others offer 24/7 availability.

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