Choosing the Right Machining Parts Manufacturer

When it comes to specialized products like super fancy surgical instruments, components of spacecraft, or jet engines, precision machined parts are essential. These types of components perform highly specific functions and are incredibly durable for the demanding tasks that they are used in. Unlike other manufacturing methods, machined parts can be made to meet strict requirements in terms of size and tolerances. This makes them a preferred choice for R&D departments and prototype builders.

Machined parts are often made out of metal, but they can also be molded or cast. This is a common practice for parts that will be used in automobiles, as plastic is highly suited for use in automotive applications. Machined parts are extremely strong compared to, say, 3D printed parts, which can be prone to weakening in one direction due to the way they’re built up.

Choosing the right machining parts manufacturer is a critical step to ensure that your project succeeds. You’ll want to hire a partner with experience, capability, and quality assurance measures in place. Certifications such as ISO are a helpful guide to finding capable partners, but it’s equally important to ask for references and word of mouth from other hardware companies that have partnered with a particular machining company.

It’s also a good idea to follow design for manufacturability guidelines when creating digital part designs. Ensure that there are no thin walls, holes with limited depth, or other features that will be difficult to create using conventional machining processes. It’s also a good idea to sign an NDA with your machining partner, as this legally prevents them from disclosing or reusing your design.

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