Conversion Gallon Per Minute

Gallon per minute is a unit of flow rate that measures how fast a liquid moves. It is often used to specify how much water flows through pumps, showerheads, and pipes. GPM can be calculated using a simple time and water capacity formula. To find GPM, use a container that holds a gallon of fluid and time how long it takes to fill it completely (total seconds). Divide the volume of the container by the number of seconds and multiply by 60.

A standard garden hose has a water flow rate of 9 to 17 gallons per minute. This varies depending on the length and diameter of the hose, as well as the water pressure.

Our GPM calculator works with a variety of measurements and can convert LPM (liters per minute) to GPM, GPM to LPM, and many other units. You can also enter a different GPM measurement into the calculator and it will automatically change to your preferred measure.

You can also use our angle conversion calculator to convert between ten different angle measurement units. The tool also explains how to calculate radians, degrees, and more.

You can convert pounds per hour to gallons per minute by converting the weight of the fluid to volume, then dividing by the density of the fluid and dividing by 60. For a more in-depth understanding of flow rates, you can read Flow Rate and Its Relation to Velocity from LibreTexts Physics. gpm to lpm converter

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