Custom Invitations – Making Your Party Or Wedding Stand Out From the Rest

With custom invitations, you can make your party or wedding stand out from the rest by including personal touches and important information in a unique way that store bought invitations simply cannot do. Adding a design element that is unique to you shows your guests the importance of this celebration to you, which sets the tone for the day or evening.

The best way to know if going the custom route is worth it is to talk to an invitation designer. They will be able to point out things as significant as the wording and processes as seemingly insignificant as how the envelopes are stuffed (yes, there is a right and a wrong way).

If you’re deciding between going custom or semi-custom, remember that going with a print shop will allow for more customization options than if you printed them yourself at home. A professional will be able to select the best paper for your design and trim it perfectly, so you’ll get that “just-off-the-press” look. They can also provide a full range of additional embellishments, such as belly bands and vellum overlays.

If you’re planning to DIY, Weber suggests starting with a Pinterest board that acts as a mood board for your style and look for designers that utilize similar fonts and colors. She says it’s also helpful to invest in a good printer and spend time printing tests and adjusting settings so your color will come through correctly. Don’t forget to factor in the cost of ink and paper, as well as any extras you want to include, such as addressing or envelope liners. Etemply

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