Different Types of Diamond Burrs

A diamond burr is a rotary tool that uses a diamond-tipped bit to grind, smooth or shape materials. They can be used on a variety of materials, including glass, metal, stone and ceramic. The different types of burrs come in a range of shapes and sizes, and are typically grouped into categories according to their profile and application. Choosing the right bur is important for maintaining good cutting quality and tool life.

Diamond burs are typically constructed of a stainless steel body bonded with industrial grade diamond particles. These can be either sintered into the bur head or layered onto the steel surface. Depending on the side of the bur head and the grit size, these can be used for carving, shaping, grinding, filing and texturing and are suitable for use with both hard and soft materials such as ceramics, stone and metals. They are particularly well suited for use in bird carving for feather details, texturing and contour lines as they cut fast and leave a very smooth finish.

Unlike other rotary burs, these are designed to work at high speeds and can be run in most standard dental handpieces. This allows them to effectively remove softer areas of caries as well as the enamel, reducing the risk of pulpal exposure and exposing weakened dentin.

The diamond tip of these rounded tungsten carbide burs cuts quickly and leaves a smooth finish. This makes them well suited to feather detailing, bill details, contour lines and undercutting. They are also often used for removing excess composite material from the crown preparation.

These sintered diamond burs are perfect for carving, grinding and pre-forming hard and soft material such as stone, ceramics, metals and bone. They feature a point-shaped diamond head mounted on a mandrel shank that measures 3/32 in (2.35 mm) in diameter and conveniently fits into a Foredom, Dremel with 3/32 in collet or any flex shaft handpiece that accepts 3/32 in shanks. Available in ten different size heads from 1 mm through 10 mm.

These shaped sintered diamond burs are ideal for tooth slenderization, interproximal reduction and smoothing rough edges after IPR. They have two segments that allow for a precise removal of the enamel, preserving the normal anatomy of the tooth and helping to prevent micro-fractures during the process. In addition, the textured coating prevents the formation of shallow pits and grooves on machined tooth surfaces. diamond burrs

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