Dometic Refrigerators

A dometic fridge is a great addition to any camper van, motorhome or travel trailer. With the right size and power source compatibility, these fridges will help you keep your food and drinks cold while traveling on rough roads.

Dometic invented RV refrigeration in the 1950s and has been improving on it ever since – always with an eye on making mobile living more comfortable. Their fridges are designed so that you can make the most of your storage space, have minimal power draw, and offer noiseless absorption.

These fridges work with gas or electric power, and they can switch automatically between electricity and propane depending on what you have connected. They are more efficient than compressor fridges and require no DC to AC conversion, so they’re the best choice for camping in off-grid locations.

Dometic fridges also have a lot of safety features to keep you and your family safe while using them. This includes a lock that prevents your kids from opening the fridge while you’re not around, and a safety cutout to protect against fires caused by overheating or incorrect voltage.

While these fridges are a great choice for camping and traveling, they’re also good options for small home offices or garages. They can be used with either electricity or propane, and they have a number of other features that make them more convenient than your typical residential refrigerator. These fridges are also highly durable, so they can handle the rigours of life on the road. Norcold replacement cooling unit

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