Electronic Analytical Balance Price

Scientific research, analytical chemistry and quality control applications require the highest level of weighing accuracy for detailed measurements. Scientech’s comprehensive selection of electronic analytical balance price enables you to eliminate sources of error or interference and ensure meticulous weighing processes. Our lab balances are ideal for a wide variety of critical weighing applications, including density determination, differential weighing, formulation and pipette calibration. With a capacity of up to 520 g and high-level readability, these analytical balances can detect even the smallest sample variations and provide accurate results. They can also reduce electromagnetic force interference and are available with anti-vibration and overload protection features for safety and performance.

Due to their extreme sensitivity, analytical balances should be used in dedicated areas to avoid the slightest air disturbances and vibrations that can impact results. They are typically fitted with a draft shield to further protect samples from air currents and breeze. They are also equipped with a large optimized TFT color touchscreen display that can be operated with gloves on, and include Mettler Toledo’s MonoBloc weighing cell with ProFACT automatic internal adjustment functionality.

METTLER TOLEDO XPR Excellence series analytical balances are designed to deliver right-first-time results with a host of quality assurance functions, including the patented StaticDetect and GWP Approved. Intelligent features such as SmartGrid, Autodoor and the Results Protocol help you save time and effort by automating routine tasks and taking the guesswork out of weighing. And StatusLight, LevelControl and GWP Approved work together to make sure that all the conditions for correct weighing are satisfied before you get your result. electronic analytical balance price

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