Explosion Proof Actuators

Explosion Proof Actuators are designed to work in environments where flammable gases and dusts may be present. These units meet global safety standards like ATEX, IECEx and NEC for guaranteed protection against igniting combustible substances.

They are built with complex designs to prevent a combustible substance from interacting with oxygen and causing an explosion within the equipment enclosure or unit. The key to preventing this is to allow a gaseous interaction into the equipment but not allow it out through non-gas tight entry points or small openings that can trigger explosive reactions. The equipment must also have a flame path that extends far enough into the enclosure or unit to allow the volatile interaction to escape safely, cool down and then exit the unit.

To help prevent these explosive interactions, explosion proof units are built with non-metallic, non-sparking materials that do not have high thermal conductivity. They are also typically sealed in a protective housing or surrounded by an insulator to ensure that sparks or electrical currents cannot ignite the hazardous substances inside.

Moog’s explosion proof electro-mechanical actuators are designed to fully integrate into and enhance your hazardous location applications. They offer a variety of mounting options, control systems and accessories to suit your application’s requirements. For added security, they are also backed by a fail-safe position reset mechanism that will return the actuator to its original home position during power outages. Whether you need to automate quarter turn ball valves, butterfly valves or dampers, these electric actuators are ideal for Zone 1 and Zone 2 environments with a variety of gases, dusts and vapours.

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