German Classes in London

If you want to learn German, London offers a wide selection of classes. There are bespoke tutors who teach a variety of levels from beginners to advanced students, there are group classes and intensive lessons, as well as evening courses at Imperial College and other universities. There are also a number of companies that offer specialized business language training in Germany and beyond.

The language of Goethe is one of the most widely spoken in Europe with more than 100 million speakers. Learning it can open the door to a strong economy and the culture that produced such famous composers as Beethoven, Johann Sebastian Bach, Georg Handel, and renowned philosopher Friedrich Nietzsche.

In addition to providing a rich cultural experience, studying in Germany can help you develop fluency in the language and understand the global business landscape. CIEE has courses for students of all ages and levels from beginner survival German to advanced language for business professionals.

Private lessons are an excellent option for anyone seeking a more personalized approach to their German learning. Whether you want to learn German for an upcoming trip or to enhance your career opportunities, a private teacher is an excellent choice. There are several hundred German teachers registered on the Superprof site in the greater London area. Each has a profile with their hourly rate, area of expertise, short biography, and student reviews and comments. The profiles also display their accreditation, qualifications, availability, and more.  German classes London

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