German Classes London

Learning a German language opens the door to many opportunities for travellers, students and business people. As the most widely spoken language in Europe and as one of the world’s largest exporters, it is no wonder that many adults and teenagers choose to enrol in German classes London.

A ten-week evening course will help you develop your reading, writing and speaking skills for everyday communication. You can enrol in a beginner German class, or you can progress to an advanced course after completing the introductory one. The courses are run by UCL Centre for Languages & International Education (CLIE), and full details of the syllabi are available on their website.

These online German lessons are suitable for beginners, and the emphasis is on gaining fluency in the basics of the language. The lessons cover the alphabets, numbers, introductory dialogues and talking about people. Other topics covered include asking for price and making comparisons, naming months, days and time. The lessons also help to improve your grammatical understanding of German, introducing articles, gender, verbs and nouns.

The online classes are designed to be fun and engaging. The teaching method is conversation-based and is complemented by interactive activities and audio and video material to allow you to immerse yourself in the language. The Lingoda online courses are a good alternative to Rosetta Stone and Pimsleur, as they provide a free-flowing learning format with native teachers and a variety of learning materials to prevent monotony. German classes London

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