Getting Started As a Pt Online

Pt Online
An online personal trainer offers clients a flexible way to achieve their fitness goals, breaking down barriers of location and time. Trainers will use a range of digital tools to stay in touch with their clients, including an app and regular check-in calls – often on Zoom.

Most good online PTs will have a thorough onboarding consultation process, getting clients to fill in PARQ or answer questions about their exercise history before designing a safe and appropriate programme for them. They may also get clients to film their workouts and give them feedback, or schedule in weekly call or video chats to make sure they’re on track.

Some online PTs will also offer a nutrition programme alongside their training, utilising their level 3 qualification or even completing a Level 4 Nutrition course to give them expert knowledge of how diet can affect performance and help their clients to make changes that stick. Depending on the level of experience, some online PTs will only be able to provide this advice via email or app messages, rather than in person or over the phone.

The PT Distinction app is a standout tool for online PTs, giving them the ability to add client downloads (including PARQ forms, food diaries and exercises), track and analyse progress with easy-to-read graphs, set up off-the-shelf packages and even schedule in check-in call reminders. The app can also be fully integrated into a PT’s website, meaning they can deliver their online services entirely through the same platform they use to communicate with their clients. Pt Online

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