Hattingen Tax Return – The Industriemuseum at Henrichshutte

Whether you watch iron being melted at the demonstration foundry or accompany your children to the play blast furnace – the LWL Industrial Museum at Henrichshutte is more than just a tourist attraction. This impressive heritage site keeps a significant chapter of the Ruhr Area’s history alive, as well as that of an entire town: Hattingen. The former iron and steel works was home to a workforce of 10,000. At the demonstration foundry, you can watch as iron is smelted from raw materials such as ore and coke.

Afterwards, you can explore the grounds. The Industriemuseum’s mascot, the blue rat, guides visitors on the “Rattenweg”, which leads through the Henrichshutte’s old blast furnaces and casthouses. On the way, you can put your theoretical knowledge into practice – and discover what life was like for the people who worked here back then.

For a day trip, you can also visit the Schloss Isenburg and Haus Kemnader. Both castles have a historic feel to them, as do the numerous other buildings and monuments in Hattingen.

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