Health and Exercise: All You Need To Succeed Is You (No Fancy Equipment Required)

Health happens when you move your body every day. Yes, daily tasks build your hearts and lungs possibly even faster and more reliably than going to a gym to do workouts.

What happens when you pay for a gym membership?

If you are like most people you use it the first month and then decide getting up, getting dressed and having to drive some place is just a bother, an inconvenience or something you don’t feel like doing.

You tell yourself it is too cold or icy – or too hot and humid to leave home. You really do not like driving when it’s dark in the early hours or dark in the late hours.

Add to the inconvenience of having to leave home the expense of buying decent workout clothes.. You probably don’t wear sweats to the gym. Am I right?

Okay, so what are the alternatives?

You can buy home gym equipment. But who is going to get you to use it on a regular basis? Same holds true for workout videos. Where is your motivation to put the video in the player, turning it on and then actually doing the workout?

Wondering what to do?

Exercise that works both your upper and lower body at the same time does more to improve your heart and lungs – your overall stamina and vitality. Working on one set of muscles a day actually is not optimal in the big picture of wellness. (Of course I am talking about overall health rather than body building.)

The gurus teach the need for routines to sell their programs. Yes, many of those programs work very well. Just maybe you do not need either programs or fancy equipment. Fettförbränning

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