Home Cleaning Services

Home cleaning services are a great option for people who are too busy to handle regular housecleaning. They can help clean and sanitize spaces, especially if you have allergies.

A basic cleaning service involves sweeping and mopping floors, vacuuming furniture, dusting, and sanitizing surfaces. A deep cleaning involves getting rid of dirt and gunk in hard-to-reach areas.

Residential Cleaning

Residential cleaning services focus on cleaning homes. They offer basic services such as sweeping, dusting, washing surfaces, vacuuming, and mopping floors. They can also do more specialized tasks like scrubbing toilets or cleaning windows and mirrors.

Using residential cleaning services can help a home owner raise the value of their property, especially when it comes to selling. Potential buyers will be more likely to pay top dollar for a clean, well-maintained home.

When starting a residential cleaning business, you will need to stock up on supplies such as brooms, mops, dusters, trash bags, cleaning products, and other small tools. You will also need to determine how much cleaning supplies you need per household. This may take some trial and error to get right, but it’s worth the investment in the long run. It will help ensure that your customers receive the highest quality of service. Also, figuring out what specific supplies are needed for a particular job can help you estimate how long it will take your team to complete the work.

Commercial Cleaning

Whether you live in a swanky loft in the Village, an apartment on the Upper East Side, or a walk-up in Astoria, professional home cleaning services will leave your space sparklingly clean. Book a cleaner online and get ready to enjoy your space once again.

Cleaning companies often work with commercial clients to provide them with regular cleaning services for their offices, warehouses or other large facilities. Commercial cleaners have the training and expertise to clean environments that need to meet stringent cleaning standards like hospitals, cleanrooms and industrial sites.

Unlike residential cleaners, most commercial cleaners will not interact with their clients directly and so there is less focus on client relations. This makes them a good choice for businesses who want to maintain their cleaning services during holidays and staff sick days or who may not be able to afford to hire their own dedicated cleaning crew.

Deep Cleaning

A deep clean goes a lot further than your basic cleaning session. Like a trip to the dentist versus daily toothbrushing, it removes more grime and bacteria than regular cleanings do. Deep cleaners typically charge more for their services and spend more time cleaning each room in your home.

During a normal cleaning, your cleaner tidies up general areas by putting things where they belong, scrubbing floors, wiping surfaces in kitchens and bathrooms, and taking out the trash. They also sanitize toilets and clean garbage disposals to eliminate germs such as staph bacteria, athlete’s foot, and food-borne viruses including E coli and salmonella.

A deep cleaning is an occasional service you might request as part of your spring cleaning or before a party. You might also schedule a deep clean when you’re moving into or out of an apartment, condo, or rental house. This ensures that the next tenants get a clean, fresh start. It’s also helpful for getting your security deposit back when you move out of a rental.

Specialized Cleaning

When regular cleaning isn’t enough, specialized services are available. These companies can clean out-of-the-way areas, scrub stubborn grime and remove stains that are seemingly impossible to remove. They can also take care of outdoor cleaning needs such as trash pickup, pressure washing and landscaping services.

Companies that specialize in agri-food or food processing need to meet high standards of hygiene and cleanliness. They have to ensure the safety of their products and protect their brand image. They use adapted equipment and trained staff to provide cleaning and disinfection of their facilities.

Hospitals, clinics and other medical establishments must comply with strict hygiene standards and must be sanitized and decontaminated regularly. They use specialized cleaning equipment and sanitizers that are adapted to their needs.

Construction sites and events need porta potties and hand-washing stations. Some specialized cleaning services can offer these as well as help to decontaminate any gear that has been exposed to blood borne pathogens and chemicals. home cleaning services

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