Hopped Up Jewelry – Stylish Beer Earrings

The beer-lovers in your life will be more than pleased to add a pair of these fun earrings to their jewelry collection. Stylish, light and made from recycled wood they’re the perfect addition to your wardrobe or a great gift for anyone who enjoys drinking a cold beer with friends.

The artisan behind these handmade wood earrings, Kimberly Markley, works a part time job at a local pub in Bend Oregon where she pours tasty Pacific Northwest craft beer for thirsty beer lovers. Her love of beer and of making things is what prompted her to start a new venture: Hopped Up Jewelry, which offers handcrafted beer themed earrings, bracelets, necklaces and other accessories made from wood.

Earrings are a popular item of jewelry and can be worn to add style to any outfit. There are many different kinds of earrings, but the most popular are studs and hoops. Many earring styles are available in gold and silver, but some are also made from gemstones or other materials such as glass or paper. Earrings have been around for centuries, and they continue to be a popular fashion accessory.

In ancient Egypt, women wore elaborate earrings with shaped hoop earring findings and gold cannetille. These were fairly light in weight, but tended to be more expensive than other types of earrings. In the Victorian era, earrings were more casual in appearance than before, with long torpedo-shaped drops of carved gemstones in applied gold filigree or repousse (embossed relief raised from behind with a hammer).

Modern earrings are usually made of sterling silver or gold-plated silver, but some are also made from precious stones. Some are dangling, while others are pierced through the earlobe or the cartilage and hang down from the ears. Earrings are sometimes attached to a necklace and worn as a matching set.

Craft beer fans will love these beer themed studs! These cute and fun beer earrings are sure to make a statement at any party. They are great for any occasion and would be a perfect gift for those who love craft beer.

Denise Harrison (no relation to the Harrison from the Cullen-Harrison Act) says that beer is a driving force in her work for her Bend, Ore., business, Sterling Echoes. The textures and patterns she creates for her fine silver and bronze jewelry are inspired by beer bubbles and the foam that results when you pour a beer into a glass.

To make your own beer-inspired studs, first remove the plastic liner from a bottle cap. You can do this by dropping the cap into boiling water and waiting for it to curl up, or by dropping it onto a sheet of paper towel that’s been placed over a bowl of ice water until the liner dries. Next, place the cap on a flat surface and poke a small hole in it with a nail or other sharp object. You could also use a metal awl, but a nail is probably easier because you can tap it with a hammer.

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