How to Choose a Fire Pump Manufacturer

Fire pumps are critical fire and life-safety equipment in many buildings. They must be inspected and tested regularly to ensure that they are functioning correctly and ready in case of an emergency. During the inspection process, all parties involved in the pump system should be present to ensure that a comprehensive plan is established. The building owner, engineer, local fire marshal, and the fire protection provider should all be involved in order to get the best results from the inspection.

KSB Group in Frankenthal, Germany is a fire pump Manufacturer that prioritizes engineering excellence, a diverse product range, energy efficiency solutions, durability, and global customer support. Designed with the needs of fire-fighting applications in mind, their heavy duty pump and gearbox combination delivers maximum performance and ease of service for firefighters.

Duthie Power Services in Long Beach, CA is a supplier of generator components such as fuel tanks and automatic transfer switches, along with fire pumps, filters, distribution panels, and cables. They provide preventive maintenance, diagnosis, repair, rebuilding, installation, and rental services for their customers.

A fire pump Manufacturer should have a wide variety of pressure ratings, along with an accurate curve that helps determine the right pump for specific firefighting applications. This information can be found on the manufacturer’s website or by calling their customer service department. UL and FM listings are also a great way to find a quality fire pump, as these companies have been subjected to rigorous testing.

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