How to Find the Best Salon in the City

Whether you want to sport the windswept urbanite look of Jennifer Aniston’s Rachel in Friends, the sleek blow-drys of the Gossip Girl cast, or impeccably styled hair for your next photo shoot, there’s a New York City salon for every style. And with so many options — from kids-focused blowout bars to Fifth Avenue top NYC salons — it can be hard to know where to start.

While some salons differentiate themselves by offering services that are only available in their locations, others rely on convenience to attract customers. Great Clips, for example, dominates the market with seven-day service, online check-in, and clip notes that allow stylists to record and store client information accessible from any location.

Other salons may offer high-quality products and premium treatments in an environment that emphasizes relaxation and luxury. In such instances, a salon’s brand can help drive sales, especially when customers are willing to pay more for a pampered experience.

The way a salon chooses to set and communicate its prices is highly personal, and the options are endless. But whatever strategy a business chooses, it’s important to remain consistent and not undercharge for no reason. If you undercharge, clients can either come to expect it (making it difficult to raise prices in the future) or assume you are providing low-quality services. It’s also crucial to be transparent with your existing clients when prices are increasing, and that can be done through email, social media, or a simple announcement on your website. Best Salon

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