How to Nurture a Man in a Relationship

If you’re someone who is prone to coddling, you may find it challenging to stop yourself from over-nurturing your partner. The result can often be that your man feels suffocated in your relationship and you end up pushing him away.

Instead, you should be aiming to provide the emotional support your partner needs in order to thrive in your relationship. This doesn’t have to be something major but could be as simple as letting him know that you value his opinions, or taking some boudoir photos of him that show off a sexy part of your body, without going too overboard.

Another way to nurture a man is to offer encouragement when he’s trying new things or doing something outside of his comfort zone. Everybody needs encouragement and when it’s coming from your partner, it can be especially powerful. It can help him feel like you believe in him and that he’s capable of doing whatever he sets his mind to.

Men also need to be assured that they’re a priority in your life and that you’ll always be there for them. This can be done by making sure he’s included in conversations about future plans, and that you respect his need for alone time and personal hobbies. You should also be committed to fidelity and avoid any actions that can potentially hurt the trust you’ve built together.

To learn more about how to nurture your man, check out this free video from the expert who founded the hero instinct. He reveals some of the little things you can do, such as texting him little messages or praising him in public, to trigger this male instinct and strengthen your bond. How to nurture a man in a relationship

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