How to Rank Your YouTube Video’s on Google’s First Page

Here is a quick strategy on how to rank your YouTube channel high in Google free organic search results on page one in Google. The first thing you have to do is download SeoQuake which is a powerful add-on tool for Mozilla Firefox, what is SeoQuake, it’s a tool helping web masters who deal with search engine optimization and internet promotion of websites. SeoQuake on the fly investigate many important SEO parameters on the internet.

Once you downloaded SeoQuake, you have to look at the YouTube video’s that you want to promote and that you are using the right keywords I use a keyword search program called Micro Niche Finder and your subject titles which has a captivating title that people will click on. When you’ve done this we’ll take the next step.

Go to Google search and click on the advance search and fill in the areas below.

Find web pages that have…

all these words: (lets say your channel is about travel type in this spot) =>”Travel”

this exact wording or phrase: => Channel Comments

one or more of these words: => Leave blank

Move to:

Need more tools?

Results per page: => 100 results

Language: => any language

File type: => any format

Search within a site or domain: =>

When you finish filling out Google advance search as describe above you click “advance search”

What this is going to do for you is locate all the YouTube user pages that has something to do with the keyword you enter in (all these words) and allows “comments” on their users pages.

Now this is where your SeoQuake comes in use, look SeoQuake at the top of the page where it says sort beside that you’ll see two letters PR with an arrow going up and an arrow going down, click on the down arrow and this will bring all the highest page ranks to the top.

Next step is to click on the each search that has high ranking and this will bring you into their YouTube channel as you can see there is no follow links though out their channel except for where you can leave a comment, now just leave a comment about how great their channel is. So what’s going to happen is that you will get all that page rank pass back to your YouTube channel videos that you are trying to get rank on Google. buy youtube comments

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