How to Select a Floor Fan

Many people don’t think about a floor fan until summer arrives, but these versatile appliances can be used year-round to help circulate air and lower room temperatures. Unlike ceiling fans, these freestanding fans are portable and designed to fit into most any space. As with any home appliance, there are several factors to consider when selecting a floor fan, including how much air the unit can move and its energy consumption.

Most standard floor fans have blades that spin to draw air in through the back and blow it out the front. The movement of the air creates a breeze that can cool a person standing directly in its path and dry excess body perspiration, helping to reduce the overall temperature of a room. For more cooling comfort, look for a model with an adjustable tilt head that lets you direct the flow of air where you need it. You can also find floor fans with an oscillation setting that rotates the head from side to side, allowing you to cover more ground with your cooling.

For the ultimate in portable and versatile cooling power, choose a tower floor fan that includes a remote control and multiple settings for customized airflow. Typically, these models feature low and high speeds to suit your needs, along with a convenient timer function that shuts the fan off after an opted-for period of time. Depending on your room’s size and your specific cooling requirements, you may also want to look for a floor fan with a powerful motor that delivers high levels of air circulation. floor fan

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