Inspirational Quotes to Boost Your Mood

Whether we’re in a rut, need to psych ourselves up for an interview or simply feeling low, inspirational quotes are one of the most effective ways to boost our mood and give us a little dose of positivity. Although some might call them cliche, these short encouragement quotes and sayings have the power to bring a smile on our faces that can linger even hours later.

While upbeat music and funny movies can be great mood boosters, for real encouragement that stimulates the soul there’s nothing better than a well-rounded collection of inspiring quotes. Unlike positive affirmations that might sound contrived or false, these encouraging phrases from notable dreamers and doers are sure to inspire you through difficult times.

Whether you’re trying to break through personal barriers or slay your professional goals, it’s crucial that you don’t give up on your dreams. In fact, research suggests that people who maintain a positive outlook are more resilient against life’s setbacks and can better cope with trauma and tragedy. During times of self-doubt or burnout, look to these inspiring words from renowned dreamers and doers to help keep you motivated.

Despite their effectiveness, these motivational quotes are not without drawbacks. According to Talkspace therapist Meaghan Rice, some of these messages can actually have the opposite effect on you. If you are noticing that these quote posts are having a negative impact on your mental health, it might be best to seek out the help of an online therapist who can help design a social media strategy that’s healthy for you.

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