Jobs That Require a High Degree of Schooling

Jobs that require a high degree of schooling offer opportunities for career advancement and financial security. These positions can also allow you to pursue other interests and goals while providing a steady source of income.

Job types can help make your workforce more efficient by allowing you to standardize common elements and tasks. This can be done by using job properties and workflow templates.


For those who have a degree in communication, there are many opportunities available. These include traditional news reporter jobs as well as newer positions such as social media marketing or online reputation management. Professionals in these fields are responsible for crafting messaging and managing campaigns that help a business to maintain a positive image with its customers and clients.

Job types are a way of grouping similar work into discrete units that can be standardized and then reused as templates for future jobs of the same type. They also provide the basis for easily querying metrics across jobs of the same type.

When you create a job type, you can specify the following properties:

Law Enforcement

Federal law enforcement opportunities are available in a wide variety of agencies. Depending on the agency, some roles focus on investigative work while others are focused on security and patrol duties.

Border patrol agents protect more than 8,000 miles of international land and water borders. Immigration inspectors interview and examine people who want to enter the country. And Customs inspectors enforce laws governing imports and exports by inspecting cargo, baggage and personal belongings.

Most law enforcement positions require a minimum of a bachelor’s degree and additional training. Many also offer attractive pay and benefits including law enforcement availability pay (LEAP), accelerated retirement, health, dental and life insurance. Other perks include work-from-home options, generous vacation, sick and holiday leave. And many federal law enforcement positions are eligible to earn a pension at age 50 or earlier.


Maintenance and repair workers enjoy many benefits, including a high job satisfaction rating. They often report having a flexible schedule, low stress level and good work-life balance. They also enjoy upward mobility and opportunities for career advancement.

Generally, they perform routine or preventative maintenance on mechanical products and equipment. This may include inspecting, cleaning, lubricating, and repairing parts. They may dismantle machines or equipment to access and remove defective parts, then reassemble and test them. They often read and interpret operating manuals, blueprints and technical drawings.

Installs, maintains, and repairs heating, ventilation, and air conditioning systems. Inspects and diagnoses HVAC system problems. Responds to emergency maintenance requests. Adheres to all safety policies and procedures. you could look here

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