Mairdi Headset Review

mairdi headset is a call center headset with a great performance at a low price. Its built-in noise cancelling microphone blocks out sharp sounds in the environment, ensuring clear transmission. Its luxurious ear cushion and adjustable headband ensure comfortable wear. It also comes with anti acoustic shock that can prevent sudden loud sounds from harming the wearer’s hearing health.

It is a wireless USB headset that can be used with various devices like laptops, tablets, and PCs. It also has a stylish charging stand. Its built with kevlar that is strong enough to resist a demanding environment. It also provides 2 years of warranty. Its ear cups are soft and provide excellent sealing. It has a high-frequency wideband audio driver that can deliver crisp sound with an extended frequency range. It also features an intuitive control for easy use. Its microphone mute function is located on the mic arm and is easily accessible.

Moreover, it is also lightweight and has an ergonomic design. It has a sleek black finish that is appealing to the eyes. The ear pads are made of soft protein material and are extremely comfortable to wear for long periods of time. The adjustable headband provides a secure fit for all heads. Its omnidirectional mic is ideal for picking up sounds from both sides.

This headset is suitable for everyday listening and can be used even with glasses. However, it is not ideal for outdoor sports or exercise. It is also not perfect for traveling or commuting as its cord may get in the way. You should also not expect it to be water-resistant.

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