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Nonprofit Debt ConsolidationSeeking the help of nonprofit debt consolidation companies can certainly help you dig your way out of debt.  In this article we’re going to explain what nonprofit debt help is really all about and what you can expect from any company offering debt consolidation services.So what exactly is prompting so many Americans to seek the help of a nonprofit debt consolidator?  Well for one,Nonprofit Debt Consolidation Articles personal debt for many Americans continues to rise.  In fact, according to recently published debt statistics, about 4% of Americans carry more than $10,000 in credit card debt and all Americans owe an astounding $832 billion on their credit cards.And while not everyone agrees that this kind of debt is necessarily a bad thing from a macroeconomic level, at an individual level things are different.  In fact, the sudden loss of a job or other source of family income can mean the difference between debt that is manageable and debt that’s out of control. So as people find themselves faced with difficult choices, they are seeking out the help of debt consolidators.  These same individuals have a sense of security that those helping them with their debt problems are associated with a not-for-profit organization.In order to find out if an organization is considered a nonprofit debt consolidation service provider, the first thing you should look for is a statement concerning its nonprofit status.  Specifically, the organization should be making some reference to achieving IRS 501(c) (3) non-profit charitable organization status.  Most online websites would typically have this kind of information in their “About” section. This is an important piece of information to start with.  If a company is claiming to offer a nonprofit debt service, then at the very least they should demonstrate that the federal government recognizes their nonprofit status.There are a number of warnings we gave out in that article that are worth talking about here.  We’re going to talk about this as we are walking through the steps a typical nonprofit organization might take you through. If any debt consolidator claims that they can restore your credit ratings immediately you need to be very skeptical of this claim.  Credit reports are based on past payment habits which is referred to as your credit history.  There are basically three credit reporting agencies that gather information from creditors and compile a report for individuals.  Credit reports contain credit scores which are a measure of how well an individual pays their bills.Since credit reporting agencies use automated mathematical equations to calculate credit scores, there is very little anyone can do to help with an individual’s score – except to help find errors on the report.  Nonprofit debt consolidation companies will help you to understand the credit scoring process, they can coach you on how to improve your credit score in the future, and they can help you to get errors cleaned up. But fixing errors appearing on your report is the only way that you can restore credit in the short term.  credit repair online

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