Online Holiday Packages

Online Holiday Packages are combinations of two or more different types of travel services for the same trip or holiday. They include transport, accommodation or car hire and, under certain conditions, other tourist services. They may be pre-arranged by a tour operator or travel agent, or you can choose some or all of the individual components yourself before the contract is concluded. If you book a packaged holiday, you benefit from a high level of consumer protection under EU rules. These rights include the right to pre-contractual information, the organiser’s liability for the proper performance of the travel services included in your package and compensation if something goes wrong with those services.

Travelata is a provider of an online platform that allows travelers to search, compare and book travel packages. The company offers a wide selection of customizable tours and travel experiences in various destinations including Europe, Asia and Africa. Travelata’s customizable holiday packages are offered for groups, individuals and families. The company’s online booking engine enables users to choose the travel products they want and book them in an itinerary that suits their budget and schedule.

MakeMyTrip is an online tour & holiday packages company that provides travellers with an extensive list of holiday trips and getaways to popular international destinations. Its user-friendly website and mobile app allow users to enter their preferred destinations, dates of travel and specific preferences if any on hotels, kind of holidays etc. to get customized itineraries from its travel experts. Its extensive collection of holiday packages includes all-inclusive holiday trips, honeymoon getaways, adventure packages, family holidays and more.

Tuniu is a provider of an online platform that connects travellers with local travel experts/tour operators to plan and book tailored travel packages. Its online marketplace enables users to provide their requirements on the basis of travel preferences, date of travel and number of people in order to receive curated itineraries from travel specialists. Travelers can further customize their curated itineraries and make online payments through the platform.

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