Physical Therapy Ohio

The goal of physical therapy ohio is to reduce pain and disability due to injuries. It can be used in a variety of settings including hospitals, home health agencies, schools and sports and fitness facilities. It is also widely covered by insurance and the Bureau of Workers’ Compensation.

In addition to helping injured patients recover, physical therapy ohio helps patients prevent future injuries by teaching them how to perform safe and effective exercise programs. The therapists can design an individualized program that incorporates therapeutic exercises, manual therapy and patient education to maximize results.

A specialized type of physical therapy is called functional movement analysis, which evaluates and treats the body’s ability to move and control its position. It is often used to treat neck and back pain. Other common conditions treated by physical therapists include rotator cuff injury, arthritis, spinal disc herniation, plantar fasciitis, shoulder and hip replacement surgery, carpal tunnel syndrome, and stroke recovery.

In terms of cost, a physical therapy visit costs $30 – $400 per session depending on your insurance plan. Typically, your first visit will be an initial evaluation (IE). During this time your therapist will perform a full body evaluation, create your care plan and future goals, start treatment and teach you how to manage your condition at home.

Some injured workers have difficulty getting the physical therapy they need because of the BWC’s denial of coverage. An experienced worker’s attorney can help state an effective case before the BWC to ensure that you have access to the medical treatment that you need.

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