Pilates at the Wellness Centre in Wollongong

pilates wollongong is a method of body conditioning that uses controlled exercises to improve posture, flexibility & strength. At the Wellness Centre they incorporate a mindfulness approach to their classes to encourage body awareness & control. This is particularly important to achieve the amazing benefits that correctly performed pilates can offer you. Trying to do Pilates at home on a YouTube video or in the gym isn’t enough, you need an experienced qualified instructor who can teach you how to move properly so you get the most from the exercise.

Their instructors have extensive experience in Pilates training & are committed to delivering results. They also believe that the most effective Pilates is done in small groups as this allows for individual attention, feedback & guidance. This is especially important for beginners to learn the fundamentals & how to perform the exercises safely. They also run special postnatal classes for a return to pre-pregnancy strength, tone, awareness & control.

Physiotherapists at Phytness HealthCare are highly trained in Clinical Pilates and can individually assess you and determine which type of Pilates would be most suitable. They can then prescribe techniques that you can do in clinic or at home in between treatment sessions. They can also tailor a Pilates program that is specifically designed to address your injuries and goals.

Whether it’s a matwork class, reformer, tower or barre, their team of passionate Pilates instructors will challenge you to be your best and inspire you to keep coming back for more. With Bookwell, booking your next Pilates treatment has never been easier. You can easily compare venues and services, make your booking online & then arrive at the salon or clinic ready to get to work!

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