Psilocybin Grow Bags

As interest in psilocybin increases, so does demand for information on how to grow your own mushrooms. A variety of mushroom kits are available that simplify the process for beginners, making it easy to get started.

These kits typically include everything you need to start your first psilocybin mushroom grow. They include the mushroom spawn or mycelium, a sterilized bag of substrate, and other accessories like inoculation tools and alcohol pads. Unlike spore syringes, which require an additional investment in equipment, kits make it possible to grow gourmet mushrooms using standard household items.

One of the most useful features of these bags is their filter patch, a layer of plastic on the front of the bag that blocks out contaminants. This filter can be inserted between the gussets above the substrate, making it simple to sterilize bags before use. During the sterilization process, the air drawn into the bag will pass through the filter first, which helps prevent contamination from mold spores or bacteria in the air.

Once the bag is sterilized, it can be inoculated with spores or liquid culture and allowed to colonize for a few weeks. Once the mycelium is fully grown, it can be mixed with uncolonized substrate to begin fruiting.

ShroomTek’s All-In-One mushroom grow bags are the perfect solution for beginner mushroom cultivators. Designed by mycologists, they’re an all-in-one mushroom kit that includes the inoculation port and a mix of sterilized grain and substrate. This substrate mix is specially formulated to be fast-growing, and is comprised of an optimal ratio of sterilized millet grain and manure-based substrate fortified with vermiculite, coir, and gypsum. Psilocybin grow bags

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