Puka Shell Bracelet

Shell baubles have long been popular jewellery for their symbolic meaning and natural, bohemian feel. They are often seen on kaftans and tunics, bringing a sense of tropical paradise to any outfit. This bracelet is crafted from Puka shells and Tahitian Mongo shells with silver beads.

Puka shells are the naturally-formed, rounded apex of a cone snail that has worn down to its shell. These beautiful bead-like fragments are strung together and sold as necklaces, often with a central hole in the middle (hence the name) and a smooth, worn look to replicate the wear and tear they have received over time.

While some sellers use the term “puka shell” incorrectly, the majority of necklaces that are labeled as such are not made from authentic Hawaiian puka shells, but rather from other white seashells or even plastic. This is because puka shells are incredibly expensive and hard to come by, so many US consumers would not be able to tell the difference even if they were told.

Puka shells have a strong connection to Hawaii and hold spiritual significance for the islanders. They are believed to bring protection, good luck and positive energy to those who wear them. The shells are also known as an aid for emotional, intuition and spiritual healing. This bracelet is perfect for the traveller, the explorer or anyone who wishes to be reminded of their own inner islander. Puka shell bracelet

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