Real Estate CRM Features

Real estate crm features help real estate agents and brokers stay organized, close more deals, and serve their clients better. It also helps them keep track of leads, contacts, important designs and documents in one centralized location for ease of access. It also facilitates client pitching and automates tasks for a smooth workflow.

A good real estate crm business solution has a robust contact management system with filters to categorize people based on property, type of lead, etc. This helps organize real estate data and create targeted email and SMS marketing campaigns. It can also manage referrals, and generate reports based on real estate data and performance indicators. It can also offer a custom dashboard for owners, agents and managers to navigate through reports like closed deals, sales stages, daily/monthly/yearly commission volume and more.

Deal monitoring is another great real estate crm feature that lets you track the status of a sale from start to finish. This can be used to monitor incoming leads, track conversions and make adjustments in the sales process. Real estate software also allows you to set variable rates for different types of properties, floor plans, and locations. It can also handle payments and tracking pending, overdue, and cancelled transactions.

Real estate CRM can be connected to your MLS feed, making it easy for you to connect with potential buyers and sellers in the area. This way, you can avoid relying on manual data entry or sending emails for updates about a transaction. It can also help you create and send invoices and bills in a few clicks. real estate crm features

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