Selecting a Backpack With Portable Charger

The best backpack with portable charger will make sure your mobile devices are charged and ready to use at a moment’s notice. Also known as charging backpacks or smart backpacks, these packs are equipped with internal power sources and USB ports that enable you to stay connected and powered up on the go.

Charger backpacks can be powered by solar panels or battery packs that are charged by plugging into an external power source. Some have a pass-through design that only requires the user to provide their own portable power bank and cables. Other backpacks have an internal cable connector that connects to a power bank and passes the charging current onward to the phone or other device.

Some of the most advanced charger backpacks include a solar panel on the exterior that converts sunlight into energy to power the battery pack and then the phone or other device. These packs are often more expensive than other charging backpacks because they contain a number of high-tech components.

When selecting a backpack with charger, look for one that offers adequate storage space to keep all of your gadgets and gear organized. A padded laptop compartment that accommodates up to 15.6-inch computers is a necessity for business travelers and students, while anti-theft pockets and zippered pockets are helpful for commuters who want to secure their valuables. Comfortable straps are important, too, and a chest or waist strap will help redistribute the weight of the backpack to reduce back strain and fatigue. Look for wide, thickly padded shoulder straps with adjustable buckles for the ultimate in carrying comfort. backpack with portable charger

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