Silver Menorahs

Silver Menorahs are the perfect complement to a finely crafted home. 1stDibs offers 48 antique, vintage and modern editions of this candelabra to elevate your holiday decor. Choose from a variety of styles, including Art Deco and Mid-Century designs, to create the ideal statement piece for your living room.

A Menorah is more than just a candelabra, it represents the Jewish soul that could not be extinguished. A silver menorah brings a sense of continuity into your home and can be passed down through generations. Whether you prefer a modern heirloom from a third generation silversmith or a traditional piece with hand-applied filigree, our selection of sterling silver menorahs has the right one for you.

You bought this menorah in Israel on your Birthright trip, and you thought it was a great way to feel more religious. But you’ve gotten a little older, and now you really just use it as a secret weed stash. But you’re still a proud Jew and you want to show off your Hanukkah spirit. So light that baby up!

The over-powering presence of Christmas this time of year can leave many Jews feeling a bit left out. But the Hanukkah Tree and the tale of Hanukkah Harry are just some recent half-baked inventions that blunt the feelings of being left out. A pocket menorah might be just the thing to help you feel included this time of year. It’s a way to celebrate Hanukkah on the go without worrying about cleaning polish and melting wax all over your counter.

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