Spells For Obsession – How to Make Someone Obsessed With You

A binding love spell is a powerful tool for bringing two people together who already know each other. However, some people want to take things further by making someone obsessed with them through a spell. While this may sound tempting, it’s important to remember that this violates the person’s free will and is not ethical.

Spells for obsession are not easy to perform and should be left to experienced spell casters. This is especially true for voodoo and black magic spells, as these types of magical practices require specific skillsets and years of practice to master. Attempting to cast a powerful voodoo spell for obsessive love without the right training can cause serious consequences for both the spell caster and the client.

In order to cast a spell for obsession, it’s important to be very clear about your intention. You must also fully commit to your intention in mind, body, and soul. This is why it’s best to perform your ritual in a private place away from distractions.

Once you’ve decided to cast a spell for obsession, begin by cleansing your work space with sage. Afterwards, light your red candle and meditate in the candlelight for several minutes. As you focus on your intention, think about all of your favorite sexual encounters (real or fantasy) and the sweetest times with your current lover. Once your thoughts are focused, take your saffron and tuck it in a small sachet. You can store this sachet in your lingerie drawer or inside the pillowcase of one of your bed pillows.

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