Spider-Man Sweat-Shirt

Get your hero gear on with this Spider-man Sweat-shirt. This pullover hoodie features stylized screen art inspired by Miles Morales’ artistic style. Made with super-durable french terry, this hoodie is designed to play along season after season, even when it’s handed down.

After the Empyre event, Peter Parker wore a suit similar to his traditional red and blue outfit, except it had a different color scheme and no webbing pattern. The torso featured a large blue circle logo instead of the red one, and bands of webbing patterns wrapped around his arms and torso. This version of the suit also had a dark blue belt, gloves and boots and a white gun holster on his right leg.

When he was kidnapped by a symbiote, Peter Parker wore a black bodysuit that looked like his spide-armor MK IV suit. The suit augmented his speed and strength, had surveillance capabilities that sent the point of view to J. Jonah Jameson’s computer, and external Web-Shooters. This version of the suit was also covered in a sliver of metal on the shoulders and back, triangular bars splitting the sleeves at the shoulders and the arms, no red belt, and a black box on the back of his gloves.

After Ben Reilly returned to life, he was given a new Spider-Man suit by the Beyond Corporation. This suit was a purple and green bodysuit that had visible Web-Shooters. It augmented his speed and strength, had cameras that broadcast his actions live to J. Jonah Jameson’s website, and elongated the Spider-Man logo on the forehands.

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