Sports Betting – What is Live Betting?

Live betting is the act of placing wagers on an ongoing game in real-time. Sportsbooks will update their odds constantly in response to how the game plays out, which creates an enticing opportunity to capitalize on momentum shifts and mispriced markets that provide value.

Almost all major mainstream sports offer live betting. Football and basketball are the most popular, as they tend to feature more drastic line movements. Baseball, hockey and soccer are less popular because their scoring systems are slower.

In general, the best times to make live wagers are early in the game and during breaks in play. The early part of a game is often high scoring as offenses try to get on track. This is a great time to attack over/under totals as the lines rise for a fast start. In the second half and into the final minutes, games slow down as teams begin to show defensive resistance. This is a great time to back the under in the NBA and MLB.

Some sharp bettors rely on live betting exclusively, especially in basketball where the game can change so dramatically from quarter to quarter and even half to half. Substitutions, fouls and free-throw attempts all impact the game dynamic and create opportunities for bettors to find value. This is particularly true for the NBA, where savvy bettors can see teams blow double-digit leads and pull off huge comebacks. However, it’s important to note that very few bettors win long-term profits from Live betting.

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