Star Plus Plumbing

Star Plus Plumbing offers amazing 5 star service at reasonable and competitive pricing. We offer all types of plumbing services, from new installs to repairs and maintenance. We are locally owned and operated so you can trust that we will give you the best possible service.

We use the latest technologies to detect leaks underground and inside walls. We can save you money and water by detecting the small leaks before they become big problems.

Poor quality water can affect your whole home, from ruined laundry to spots on dishes. We provide treatment and filtration solutions to improve the overall quality of your water.

STAR+PLUS helps adults get Medicaid health care and long-term services and supports through a managed care plan that they choose. It provides support in daily living activities, changes in the home to make it safer and more comfortable, and short-term care to give caregivers a break.

Star Plus Energy is hiring Senior Process Engineers to develop and enhance EV battery production processes for safety, quality, and productivity. This includes monitoring, analyzing, and implementing new equipment, procedures, and systems to improve production.

Australian Consumer Law – Using fake reviews to mislead consumers

The Federal Court has fined two companies a combined $125,000 for running a sophisticated and well-planned scheme that involved posting fake customer reviews online. Star Plus Plumbing

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