Steve Stratis – Award-Winning Designer and Entrepreneur

Whether you’re looking for an ultra-modern feel, cozy shabby chic or a Grecian inspired look, Stratis can help set the mood. Well-executed design can remind your guests and patrons that you’re uniquely your own, without having to scream it from the rooftops. Choose from a wide selection of colors, textures and finishes to create the perfect ambiance for your establishment.

Steve Stratis has emerged as an award-winning designer and entrepreneur, winning the Best in Show award at Fusion Art’s 7th Annual Black & White Internationally-Juried Art Exhibition with his work titled “Rippled Ink.” His artistic work combines digital 3D sculpting and VFX techniques, resulting in a unique abstract-centric aesthetic that broadens awareness and appreciation for physical phenomena beyond human perception.

The mesmerizing beauty of ‘Liquescent’ and ‘Tides of Blu’ left an indelible impression at the Artist Space Gallery’s Blue Art Exhibition. Stratis’s intricate layers of blue dance across the canvas, creating captivating patterns that captivate and engage viewers on a psychological and emotional level. The deliberate ambiguity of these artworks allows viewers to interpret the paintings in their own personal way, connecting with the artwork on a deeper level.

With the help of his wife Eleni, he was able to build an extensive business portfolio in the real estate and hospitality industries. His dedication to providing excellent customer service and attention to detail have earned him many repeat customers and referrals. Steve has a strong commitment to the community and gives back in various ways. He serves on the Board of Trustees at Fairleigh Dickinson University and has been active in the Alumni Association. He is also a long-time supporter of FDU’s Division I athletics programs.

In the spirit of TED’s mission, “ideas worth spreading,” Stratis Camatsos is on a quest to give back and change the world in his own unique way. As an olive oil producer, trader and social entrepreneur, he’s using his expertise to plant trees in deforested areas, promote healthy eating and cancer prevention, and more.

Nicolas Dorier first met Chris in 2021 and he was impressed with his vision for a cryptocurrency that bridges the specialised realms of blockchain and corporate worlds. Nicolas had already spent two years on bitcoin, a labour of love project, which he was reluctant to abandon to help accelerate Stratis. But when Chris offered to pay him for his efforts, he changed his mind. The result was a partnership between two like-minded individuals who believe that success is not a zero sum game.

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