Stockholm Becomes The Most Accessible City In The World

The specialists of Stockholm – the biggest Scandinavian city – have expressed an objective: to make the Swedish capital the most open city by 2010. It implies that the guests and city tenants, assuming their actual capacities are restricted, wouldn’t feel less easily, than the others.

The issue of the city availability has been worked over in Stockholm much beginning around 1998. Today, when up to the arranged term just 3 years are left, the reason appears to be alarming. There is no optimal example of the available capital. In this way, nothing remains to be contrasted and. It is feasible to pick just specific boundaries and to attempt to keep inside the markers anticipated every one of them.

The assets are put not just in availability for invalids in Sweden. As a matter of fact, actual limitations show up with years at many individuals. Plus, likewise the city ought to be open for little kids.

The openness program, acknowledged by the City Council in 2005, has some data concerning what precisely it is important to do in Stockholm every which way, associated with accessibility, including the development of new structures, the city foundation protests, the hardware establishment, etc. The rule is the accompanying: all individuals are unique, yet at the same similarly significant. Thus, individuals with the restricted actual capacities have similar freedoms, as the others have. Thusly, treating them similarly as the others is vital. As a matter of fact, their capacities to travel through the city and to utilize its government assistance ought to be something similar, as the others’ capacities.

The inquiry, most importantly, is about the outer city climate. All common intersections are adjusted at the same time concerning the wheelchair-bound invalids, so for the outwardly debilitated also. The walkway clearing in the intersection region is made in light and the road control – in white tones. At all intersections walkways with a road control are brought down. Likewise the first and last strides of all city steps are made in white tones.

A seat ought to be with various levels at each transport station. Scandinavian cities Every single such seat, as well as the seats in parks, ought to accompany a handrail, with the goal that it would be more helpful to the more established people to plunk down and stand up. The person on foot zones with unpleasant clearing ought to contain a piece of the in any event, clearing, so the wheelchair-bound invalids could pass. Additionally all drains going across the walkways are adjusted for the wheelchair-bound invalids. They ought to be not more profound than 3 cm, crescent and wide.

Presently there are as of now lifts at all railroad stations, and at the focal stations the individual with the restricted actual capacities can call through a SMS-message an associate who can assist him with arriving at the stage and to get on a train. The GPS-pilot program – like that what is in the vehicles of certain individuals – is produced for the visually impaired. It will be feasible to send from the telephone a message worried from whence and where you need to get. Then you will get the data how to go with the sign of the means amount.

On the off chance that there is even an irrelevant ascent at the structure entrance, it ought to be with a delicate slant and a hand-rail. Assuming that any ascent is longer than 5 meters – there ought to be a few seats for rest. There ought to be totally all latrines out in the open spots adjusted for the wheelchair-bound invalids. Finally, there is a reason that by 2010 totally all city transports would be open for the wheelchair-bound invalids. For the present just 80% of transports are available (the floor level is 25 cm with the walkway level of 16 cm).

The standards, associated with accessibility, are incorporated into the structure standards. In the event that any organization, having the agreement on the structure development in the city, won’t consent to its arrangements, it never gets any agreement any longer.

Numerous money managers comprehend that accessibility for individuals with the restricted actual capacities address the extra clients. Additionally, the Saint Julian Prize is established in the city. The picture of this holy person is associated with kindness and cordiality. The award is given over for the accomplishments in the accessibility field. The shops, inns and different kinds of foundations can be named. The function of instatement with the award happens on the Saint Julian Day (on February, 19). Then the outcomes are given to the wide exposure.

Since October two examiners, possessing with the issues of individuals with the restricted capacities, work in the city. There are territorial and city chambers of invalids. In this way, their viewpoints are constantly thought about.

Each invalid chooses for himself, the assistance of what kind and in what volume is important for him. The volume is characterized in hours, yet additionally in the substantial gadgets. PCs, cell phones and the Internet access address a piece of the assistance as well, on the off chance that it is important, close by with the wheelchair or extraordinary hardware in a room.

Accessibility Guide to Stockholm is an area of the city site. There it is made sense of what an invalid will meet in each different exhibition hall, public structure, arena, etc. The specialists really take a look at all items for accessibility. Then they place the vital data, so the individual understands what obstructions, assuming that they are, and where he can meet them at either theater or a store.

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