Strawberry Kiwi Strain

Strawberry Kiwi is a fruity strain that delivers a balanced high, balancing excitement with sedation. Growers will appreciate that this cultivar is an easy-to-manage hybrid, making it suitable for novice or seasoned cannabis connoisseurs alike.

The exact genetics of this strain are not known, as it is a phenotype of Gelato #33, but we can expect its THC levels to be around 20%. This is high for a sativa, but it is still an appropriate strain for daytime use. This cultivar has a beautiful appearance, with green hues and hints of red or purple, reminiscent of the fruit it’s named after. Its aroma is also a treat, with sweet strawberries and tangy kiwi flavors melding together to form a delicious scent.

Snapple’s popularity of the kiwi strawberry drink coincided with both a shift in public taste toward fruit-based drinks (which were often nutritionally indistinguishable from sugary sodas) and a burgeoning interest in kiwi cultivation, which had previously been limited to California. By the late ’80s, farmers had a burgeoning crop and were scrambling to find enough consumers to pay for it all.

While Snapple did not offer a detailed explanation of how their Kiwi Strawberry flavor was inspired by the actual fruit, we know that the flavor was popular because it offered an experience that matched the flavors and aromas associated with the actual fruit. This was especially true when consumed with other fruits or in a setting that evoked memories of eating the fruit itself, such as a picnic in the park on a warm summer night. strawberry kiwi strain

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