The Best Employee Communication Apps

Getting everyone on the same page is crucial to keeping a company running smoothly. The best employee communication apps encourage transparency and build trust between team members.

The best employee communication app is one that fosters strong peer-to-peer connections, allows employees to engage in topics they’re passionate about and provides a seamless digital experience across locations. Haiilo and Firstup are among the top-rated tools for unified workforce communications.


Slack provides a wide range of features that allow users to customize the app to their needs. For example, they can star channels to place them on the sidebar menu and use keyboard shortcuts to initiate audio or video calls. They can also set up a custom color scheme for their workspace.

The platform integrates with Google Drive to save time by allowing teams to open files within Slack. It also offers file search functionality that proposes search modifiers and indexes documents automatically.

It also offers a meeting management tool with shared agendas and a polling function for collaborative meetings. It supports team morale with tools that include anonymous feedback, goal-setting & OKRs, and one on one meeting scheduling.


Trello is a visual collaboration tool that uses boards, lists and cards. It is flexible, simple and fun to use. Its Kanban board view enables teams to prioritize tasks and collaborate on them. It also has 190 integrations, including Slack and Google Drive, making it easy to integrate into existing workflows.

The free tier of Trello allows users to create up to ten boards and includes checklists, due dates, labels, custom fields, chat integration, app integrations, and more. Its Business Class tier, on the other hand, offers unlimited boards and provides advanced features and Power-Ups. The platform is also integrated with Atlassian’s portfolio of apps.

Microsoft Teams

Microsoft Teams is a team collaboration tool with built-in features like chat, video and voice conferencing, and note taking. It also integrates with several other apps for more functionality. These additional tools are designed to streamline processes, encourage collaboration, and build communities.

For example, Trello’s integration with Teams allows you to collaborate on projects without leaving the app. Moreover, it can send notifications when someone creates or deletes a card or makes comments on it.

Another useful feature is Polly’s ability to run polls natively within the Teams platform. This tool can help you keep employees engaged and identify project roadblocks. It can even track employee wellness.


Unlike general-purpose messaging apps like WhatsApp, specialized employee communication tools are designed for collaboration. They offer one-to-one and group chat, audio and video calls, and document sharing. Moreover, they have a detailed and searchable People directory and a user-updatable Library that organizes important files and assets.

Connecteam offers a free plan that supports two team members and provides all the basic features needed for project-based work. However, teams that need more sophisticated features should consider upgrading to its Premium plan. This includes workflow automation, a Gantt chart, and more.

By streamlining internal communications, these tools can help your company become more productive. They can also boost employee engagement by keeping everyone on the same page.


Chanty is a powerful team communication app with built-in task management. Its customization features enable teams to work together smoothly and efficiently. Teams can tweak roles for different members, adjust moderation abilities, and create private channels. It also allows users to integrate with CRM platforms and cloud storage services.

Besides providing private and public chats, Chanty offers one-to-one audio/video calls, screen sharing, and document storage. Its built-in task management features include a Kanban board view, a due date feature, and the ability to turn any conversation into a task.

In addition, users can use @ mentions to notify people in a group chat or send them a direct message. They can also start threads in conversations to keep discussions organized and avoid clogging up a channel.

Stack Overflow

Stack Overflow is an online community where millions of professional programmers share programming questions and answers. It is a part of the Stack Exchange network and headquartered in New York City.

Unlike internal wikis and documentation, Stack Overflow is a question-and-answer platform that is searchable and crowd-sourced. Its popularity makes it a trusted source for technical knowledge. Moreover, it also offers an API for external integrations.

Stack Overflow for Teams empowers your entire team to answer questions and get work done. It is easy to use, integrates with key developer workflow tools like Slack and Microsoft Teams, and features Content Health that notifies subject matter experts when content is outdated.

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