The Cherub Figurine

The Cherub Figurine is a popular choice amongst children’s birthday party favors. These adorable angels symbolize the beauty and innocence within everyone. Each little cherub offers a unique, intricate pose in white crafted resin. They are finished with a beautiful ribbon draw string bow and an angel wing themed “For You” tag.

Cherubim are the celestial winged beings that appear in Christian, Islamic, and Jewish literature. They are the guardians of God’s throne and are always attending to Him. These heavenly beings are said to have animal, birdlike, and human characteristics. They are also described as being so bright that no other angels can see them except Seraphim, which are the highest ranking angels in the heavens.

They have been depicted in many different forms throughout history and are seen in art and architecture. They have been portrayed as cute baby angels, as toddlers with wings, and in more serious and powerful forms. They have also been associated with love, peace, and protection. In Western art, cherubs have been known as putti or cupid and are often linked to love and romance.

Their chubby, child-like appearance and features like dimpled knees and wrist rolls have made them popular icons for modern day figurines and sculptures. The crouching angel in our Cherub Figurine embodies the child-like spirit of these adorable beings and is perfect for adding a whimsical touch to any decor.

It would be a great accent to any table or windowsill. Its high quality resin construction is built to last and it is a wonderful addition to any home décor collection. It can also be displayed in the garden amongst your plants for a little heavenly flair.

The detail and craftsmanship that went into this piece is astounding, even at this large size. It showcases the skill of the Lladro artists and their ability to convey the spirit of the cherub through the art form of porcelain. The quality of the finish enhances every detail and fold, making this a magnificent example of their work. The cherub is also a wonderful reminder of the wonders of nature and the miracles that occur everyday.

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