Things You Should Know About Cybersecurity

As our world becomes increasingly interconnected, a lot more of our lives depend on technology. We rely on it for communication (email, social media, text messages, and phones), entertainment (interactive video games, movies, music and apps), transportation (cars and trains, navigation systems, and even flights), shopping (credit cards, online shopping, and more), medicine (electronic health records, pacemakers and insulin pumps), and so on. And all of this technology creates, stores and transmits a massive amount of data.

That’s why cybersecurity is so important – it encompasses an evolving set of risk management approaches, technologies and training that protect networks, devices and programs from cyber attacks and unauthorized access. Cybersecurity also includes protecting the integrity, confidentiality and availability of information.

Many of the tools and techniques used in cybersecurity aren’t as advanced as you might think. In fact, if you come from another technical discipline like security operations or IT, you’re fairly well-positioned to make the transition into cybersecurity. But there are some things you should be aware of before making the leap.

Even with the best security measures, there is always a chance for human error. That’s why it is so critical to train employees in basic security principles and to reinforce those lessons frequently – not only does it improve the business’s overall security posture, but it can help thwart a potential hacker and save a company from losing valuable customers, reputational damage and financial losses. And don’t forget about regular backups – a simple one can keep your business up and running even if malware erases everything, or you lose your internet connection. Security Operations Center

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